SoundSkins Speaker Kit

SoundSkins Pro 4 Piece Speaker Kit
3.4 sq ft

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The SoundSkins 4 Piece Speaker Kit is the best sound dampening material for your car audio system, designed to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise all in one material.

This SoundSkins Pro Speaker kit covers 3.4 sq ft, which is enough to cover four aftermarket speakers.

Composed of 4 sheets of our premiere sound deadening product, SoundSkins Pro, this kit will improve your system's bass response and increase your amplifier output, as well as absorb annoying squeaks, rattles and vibrations, creating the best sound output possible!

SoundSkins Pro is composed of 3 layers for easy application and optimal performance: acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl. This combination allows you to cover any metal panel in your car which will to reduce vibrations, help with loss of sound from speakers and improve heat rejection.

The bottom layer, which is the rubber butyl, has a very strong adhesive level. This means it will never peel off once it has been applied correctly. The top layer, which is the foam and butyl rubber are waterproof and heat proof. This product is manufactured to stand the test of time.

Do Two Things At Once

Save money and time by using our sound deadening material! Improve your vehicle's acoustics while reducing outside road noise to give the ultimate single applications solution.

Easy Application

Simply cut to size using material scissors or a sharp blade, peel, and stick!

Built to Last

Waterproof (yes..water gets in doors on all vehicles) and heat proof, the SoundSkins Pro sound deadening can be applied anywhere and will last as long as your car does.

SoundSkins Pro 2.0 - New & Improved

Improve Your Car Audio System with SoundSkins Sound Deadener

What's In the Box?

1x SoundSkins Pro Speaker Kit

Consisting of:

  • 4x Sheets, each 10" x 12"
  • 0.18" Thickness


  • 3.4 sq ft


  • 2.15lbs


  • 0.12" Foam
  • 0.059" Butyl
  • 0.0039" Foil Liner In Between

Want to Make Your Speakers Perform at their Best? Buy the Bundle!

Upgrade your car audio system with the SoundSkins speaker enhancer bundle! Consists of foam speaker rings and our 4 piece speaker kit.

SoundSkins Speaker Enhancer Bundle | Soundproof Door Speaker Kit and Speaker Rings

Max out your car audio system's performance with the SoundSkins Speaker Enhancer Bundle! This bundle is the ultimate way to instantly reduce unwanted road noise and enhance your car stereo system!

This bundle, consisting of the best speaker enhancing products in the market, the SoundSkins 4 Piece Speaker Kit and SoundSkins Rings v3, provides you with enough material to cover 4 speakers in your car!

Our 4 piece speaker kit will improve your audio system's bass response, increase your amplifier output, and absorb excess noise and vibrations. SoundSkins Rings will seal your speakers against the mounting plates and interior door panels to direct sound back into your cabin and reduce sound lost in your door cavities. These two products work together to create the best sound quality possible for your audio system!

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