4 Door Coverage Pro Kit | SoundSkins Global

$508.00 USD

The SoundSkins 4 Door Coverage Pro Kit is the BEST way to sound dampen your vehicle and enhance your audio system, engineered to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise.

    SoundSkins Pro for Door Inner Skins

    Our SoundSkins Pro material is a 3 layers in 1 product: acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl. This combination allows you to cover any metal panel in your car which will to reduce vibrations, help with loss of sound from speakers and improve heat rejection.

    SoundSkins Pro is pliable and easy to work with. No fancy equipment needed - just cut, peel, and stick!

    The bottom layer, which is the rubber butyl, has a very strong adhesive level. This means it will never peel off once it has been applied correctly. The top layer, which is the foam and butyl rubber are waterproof and heat proof. This product is manufactured to stand the test of time.

    SoundSkins Classic for Door Outer Skins

    Thin but effective, the SoundSkins Classic Bulk Kit is only 0.0787" thick to ensure that it gives the best sound dampening possible without adding too much weight to your car. 

    Foam Tape for Sealing out Wind, Noise, and Rattles

    SoundSkins Foam Tape is flexible and can be contoured to fit any space, making it an effective decoupler. Decoupling is the process of separating two surfaces to reduce the amount of vibration and sound passing between them. SoundSkins Foam Tape can be used as a barrier between two materials such as plastic panels in your car, between your door and door panel, on door panel clips, between your glove compartment door and frame, and more! There is no limit to how this product can be used.

    Speaker Rings

    These rings will fit ALL size speakers, from 6x9" down to 1", all this in just the one kit. This Speaker Foam Rings Kit includes enough product to do 6 or more speakers!!

    Also included in the box are 4 wave foam backing sheets to put behind your speakers to cancel out back-waves coming from the speakers, which will improve your mid-bass and bass response.


    60.75 sq ft

    6 or more speakers 


    55 lbs


    Watch it in action