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Reduce Road Noise With Sound Dampening Material

Why use sound dampening
material in your car?

The secret behind the success of a properly installed automotive soundproofing project is the sound dampening material used. If you are reading this article, chances are that you didn't know that already, but you have arrived at the right place. If you did have this knowledge and are having a heat or noise problem, we hope this article helps you solve it.

Soundskins is here to assist you in finding the best car insulation solution for your vehicle. Our customers turn to car sound dampening material for a multitude of reasons, some have rattling metal distorting the sound from your speakers, others are working on restoration project and some just want an extra layer of safety when driving down the highway. Whatever your reason might be, we have the highest quality products to fit your needs.

Team Soundskins is here with your car soundproof project and reduce road noise with our sound dampening material!

Popular Car Sound Dampening Materials

Classic Black

soundskins classic black sound dampening material

Classic Silver

soundskins classic silver sound dampening material

Sound Rings

soundskins sound rings sound dampening material


soundskins pro sound dampening material

Why does your car make so much noise?

The noise you are experiencing inside the car can be traced back to one of three sources:

  • Noise that comes in through holes, gaps and open windows.
  • Noise created by the mechanical components.
  • Noise created by the road.

The first type of noise is most commonly referred to as wind noise. Wind noise reduction is a simple fix, cover up the holes. Fixing the other two types of car noise is a little more challenging, but rest assure that with our materials , you'll have everything you need to reduce road noise.

sound dampening material - road noise sources

Deaden the Rattles - Block the Noise - Absorb the Vibrations

The way technology works in car sound dampening is very similar to the way the technology used to block sound in other parts of the car works. Sound dampening on the metal panels behave very similar to what a shock absorber does to your cars suspension. As the wheels go up and down over road bumps, the shock absorber resists movement in both directions. Sound dampening basically does the same thing, but slightly different, it resists the stretches needed for the metal to move in and out, the amplitude is reduced, in return reducing the sound that is heard inside the car.

Our Best selling product: Soundskins Pro

There are two main components that matter when checking the quality of a sound dampening material: 1) the quality of rubber and 2) the thickness of material. Our best selling product is Sounskins Pro sound deadening mat, and it's off the charts in both of those components.

  • The SoundSkins Pro Door Kit is an elite in sound dampening for your vehicle, designed to improve your cars stereo performance and reduce road noise in a single material.

  • A SoundSkins Pro Door Kit covers 11 sq ft which is enough to cover two doors in a standard sedan style vehicle.

  • SoundSkins Pro is a combination of 3 layers, acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl (the black sticky stuff). This custom blend of materials allows you to layer any panels in your vehicle to reducing vibrations, loss of sound and improve heat rejection.

  • Large single sheets make it easy to apply and cut to size for any application.

  • The rubber butyl has a high adhesive level meaning it will never never fall off once applied correctly. The foam and butyl are both waterproof and heat proof designed to stand the test of time.

soundskins sound dampening material
soundskins sound dampening material
soundskins sound dampening material
soundskins sound dampening material

The Two Types of Unwanted Noise: Structural & Airborne

Airborne Noise

Airborne noise inside your vehicle is generated from sound waves that get inside and then bounce around in the cabin. The correct way to get rid of these unwanted road noise is by blocking it or absorbing it. You can either make it so that the waves never get to your ears or if they are already inside the car, stop them from bouncing back and forth too much.

Structural Noise

Structural noise is created from the exhaust, tires, and other sources before entering the inside of you vehicle, metal sources and door panels. To you these noise sound like buzzing, rattles, squeaks, etc. Structural noise is especially bad in older vehicles and in vehicles with a loud sound system.

Soundskins is the solution to any unwanted road noise!

We hope at this point you have a better understanding of what generates road noise and how Soundskins help you kill any unwanted road noise. Any vehicle that rattles or shakes can benefit from our material. We are happy to help you with any project and help you pick the right product, simply send us a message and we'll reply promptly.

van install sound dampening material