Full Coverage Standard Kit | DIY Sound Deadening and Speaker Enhancement

$491.00 USD

The SoundSkins Full Coverage Standard Kit is our standard recommendation to sound dampen your ENTIRE vehicle from floor to roof and enhance your audio system. 

    SoundSkins Pro Plus for Door Inner Skins, Floor, and Trunk

    SoundSkins Pro Plus Workshop Kit covers 64.5 square feet, which is enough to cover almost every section of your vehicle.

    SoundSkins Pro is a combination of 3 layers, acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl (the black sticky stuff). This custom blend of materials allows you to layer any panels in your vehicle to reducing vibrations, loss of sound and improve heat rejection.

    The rubber butyl has a high adhesive level meaning it will never never fall off once applied correctly. The foam and butyl are both waterproof and heat proof designed to stand the test of time.

    Speaker Rings for an Enhanced Audio System

    SoundSkins Foam Car Speaker Rings are designed to make car speaker installs perform to their full potential with loss-less sound.

    These rings will fit ALL size speakers, from 6x9" down to 1", all this in just the one kit. This Speaker Foam Rings Kit includes enough product to do 6 or more speakers!

    Also included in the box are 4 wave foam backing sheets to put behind your speakers to cancel out back-waves coming from the speakers, which will improve your mid-bass and bass response.


    64.5 sq ft

    6 of more speakers


    42 lbs


    What's In The Box?

    1x SoundSkins Pro Plus Roll
    1x SoundSkins Speaker Rings
    1x Roller

    How to Install