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Add Car Door Sound Deadening To Max Out Your Car Audio System

Some people enjoy the feeling and sound of a car audio system that makes your entire body rattle, and some enjoy listening to smooth jams to chill out and relax. For many people on the road, a car is a mobile concert arena. But it's hard to completely indulge oneself in the music when there is unwanted road noise terrorizing your concert from various angles. Whether its road noise, wind noise or rattling metal - most drivers wish their car was a little quieter.

If you're reading this, you've probably heard of sound deadening before. Car sound deadening or sound dampening work by applying a soft material like a mat or foam to the metal surfaces under panels to absorb and help stop unwanted road noise.

By using a car sound deadening material, not only will you stop unwanted road noise, you will simultaneously add thermal insulation to protect you from extreme heat during those hot summer days.

Popular Car Sound Deadening Materials For Doors

Classic Black

soundskins classic black sound deadening material

Classic Silver

soundskins classic silver sound deadening material

Sound Rings

soundskins sound rings sound deadening material


soundskins pro sound deadening material

Where is all the noise coming from?

reasons for car sound deadening material
  • Road and tire noise from bumpy, rough and poorly made and maintained roads.
  • Outside noise such as construction, other cars, wind, etc.
  • Loose panels and other sheet metal rattling inside your car.

Components of a car door

When you're sitting in your car, you're basically sitting in a small room made of metal walls. For sound quality this is the worst case scenario because metal. is the worst acoustic material in the world. This is very noticeable in your car doors because of the way they are constructed, which is broken up into 3 layers.  

Outer Panel (purple)

This is the outer most component of your car door. It is typically made from material that is flexible so it can easily crumple incase you crash. While this is great for safety reasons, it is not ideal for car audio since wind and sound can easily cause this material to vibrate.

sound deadening material - door components

Inner Steel Panel (gray)

This component is made from metal, it's responsible for hosting the mechanical parts such as window cranks, door switches and speakers. This component is stronger and does not vibrate as much, the problem here is that is built with a huge whole to easily allow access to mechanical parts. This allows sound to echo in your doors, which is not what you want for better car audio.

sound deadening material - door components

Door Panel

This component is what you are able to see from the inside. It is usually light, made of plastic and held together by plastic pieces. This component it not doing much to keep unwanted noise out, and more than likely is created unwanted noise itself.

sound deadening material - door components

Sound Deadening Material Car Doors: Solutions and Tips

Just how you would add more tint to your car to make it darker, you would also add more car sound deadening material to make it quieter. The good news is that when you insulate car doors, it naturally increase the quality of car audio.

Steps you can take right now, to identify where unwanted car door noise is coming from and reduce or stop it.

  1. Adjust fade and balance on your car audio system to see where rattling is coming from.
  2. Tighten all loose screws and add washers or cell foam to decouple.
  3. Replace broken car speakers.
  4. Add Speaker Tweakers, these will prevent speaker waves from bouncing directly into the door speakers.

If your ultimate goal for using a car sound deadening material is to increase the quality of your car audio system, then your project should really begin with the car doors. Once the doors are completed, consider adding car sound deadening material to the roof and the trunk of your car to fully utilize sound deadening materials and maximize your car audio system.