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If you buy a roll of SoundSkins Pro Plus (at full price), our large workshop kit which has enough material to cover all 4 doors, floors, roof, and trunk in a standard sedan-sized vehicle (64.5 sq ft), we will throw in a roller, Speaker Rings, and a SoundSkins t-shirt and lanyard, for FREE!

Offer ends on September 30 and cannot be stacked with other discount offers, so what are you waiting for? SHOP SOUNDSKINS PRO PLUS NOW!

Welcome to SoundSkins Global!


At SoundSkins we realized the need for durable and affordable sound deadening products. The products on the market were too thin, too expensive, and had no effectiveness. That is why we built our ORIGINAL 3 LAYER product and one of a kind pre-cut kits. The other guys? You'd have to buy 2 products to get the same effect. With SoundSkins, just 1. Our products cut down on time spent for installation, making it easier and cheaper for you. 

Why Choose SoundSkins?

SoundSkins is the best roll on sound deadener material for cars. Our foolproof and easy to install damping mats allow you to soundproof your vehicle without the need for fancy equipment or professional installers!

Installing SoundSkins sound deadening results in reduced road noise level of up to 30%, prevention of lost sound, improved sound system performance, and vehicle insulation.

Our material is built to last. It will never never fall off once applied correctly, and it is both waterproof and heat proof, designed to stand the test of time.

What do our customers say about us?

Our customers have nothing but great things to say about our products. See for yourself!