SoundSkins Rings

SoundSkins Rings v3
4x Speaker Multi-Size Kit
Suit Any Size Speaker

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The Ring Thing...

SoundSkins Rings, our foam speaker rings, are designed to make aftermarket speaker installs perform to perfection with loss-less sound.

SoundSkins Rings seal your speakers against the mounting plates and interior door panels. Directing the sound into the cabin and reducing sound lost in door cavities.

Our new v3 Rings will fit ANY size speaker in the one kit from 6x9" down to 1".

Kit includes enough material to do FOUR speakers!!

Unique Design...

The ONLY foam speaker ring kit to suit all the components of your speakers in one application. Cover your driver, mid and tweeter with the one kit, front and back.

SoundSkins Rings Outer

Versatile Application

SoundSkins Rings are stackable to give you more depth and can be applied to the face of the speaker, around the speaker edge, behind mounting plates or even mounted to the interior panels themselves. A truly versatile kit.

SoundSkins Rings Profile

Designed to Last..

...others are using open cell foam, which holds water & falls off over time. Our foam is a closed cell foam, made from a unique blend of butyl rubber making it waterproof.

Our products use 3M high level adhesive for fast, easy application that adheres to ANY surface, even our SoundSkins Pro & Lite sound dampener mats!

SoundSkins Rings v3 Seals

Shipping USA & Canada

We listened, our new design will now be available to ship to North America...with so much demand to ship the rings worldwide we redesigned the packaging to be cost effective yet functional.

SoundSkins Rings v3 Stack
SoundSkins Rings v3 Spec Sheet

What's In The Box?

4x Speaker Acoustic Sealing Kit

Consisting of:

  • 6x - Wave Strips
  • 4x - Primary Ring w/ Wave Plug


  • Waterproof Closed Cell Foam (Rubber Butyl Mix)


  • 2 or 4 speakers any size


Foam Strips


  • 1" | 25mm (height / reach)


  • 0.78" | 20mm (across face)


  • 27" | 690mm (strip length)


Wave Foam Backing Sheets


  • 0.31" | 8mm


  • 4.7" | 120mm


  • 6.7" | 170mm


Sound Rings in action

Want to Bring Your Car Audio System to the Next Level? Buy the Bundle!

Upgrade your car audio system with the SoundSkins speaker enhancer bundle! Consists of foam speaker rings and our 4 piece speaker kit.

SoundSkins Speaker Enhancer Bundle | Soundproof Door Speaker Kit and Speaker Rings

Max out your car audio system's performance with the SoundSkins Speaker Enhancer Bundle! This bundle is the ultimate way to instantly reduce unwanted road noise and enhance your car stereo system!

This bundle, consisting of the best speaker enhancing products in the market, the SoundSkins 4 Piece Speaker Kit and SoundSkins Rings v3, provides you with enough material to cover 4 speakers in your car!

Our 4 piece speaker kit will improve your audio system's bass response, increase your amplifier output, and absorb excess noise and vibrations. SoundSkins Rings will seal your speakers against the mounting plates and interior door panels to direct sound back into your cabin and reduce sound lost in your door cavities. These two products work together to create the best sound quality possible for your audio system!

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