SoundSkins Enclosures | Universal Single Sealed 12" - Premium USA Made Subwoofer Box with Bed Liner Spray Finish

$139.00 USD
Type: Enclosure
Sound Dampend
Upgraded Terminal Cup

SoundSkins Global Single 12” Sealed Subwoofers for Regular and Square subwoofers (Kicker). Each SoundSkins box is coated with a durable bed liner polymer spray to enhance its longevity. These USA-made enclosures are constructed from high-grade, full 3/4" MDF, ensuring robustness and exceptional sound quality.

Upgrade Option 1 - SoundSkins Pro Specs:
- Features a triple-layer construction of acoustic foam, foil, and rubber butyl for durability and superior performance.
- Effectively reduces resonance and back wave cancellation, crucial for achieving optimal sound quality in any enclosure.

Upgrade Option 2 - Steve Meade Designs - SMD TCR-1 Speaker Terminal Cup Specs:
- Supports up to 2000 Watts, significantly higher than the standard 500 Watts.
- Designed to endure demanding conditions without breaking or leaking.
- Constructed from lightweight, high-strength materials for durability.
- Includes stainless steel hardware to resist rust and corrosion.
- Features a 5/16" bolt terminal for secure connections.
- Cut-out diameter: 2.75 inches.
- Flange diameter: 3.75 inches.

DISCLAIMER: All SoundSkins Global Enclosures are custom-made. Enclosure orders cannot be cancelled or modified once placed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Subwoofers Not Included*