SoundSkins Enclosures | Toyota Tacoma Sealed - Premium USA Made Subwoofer Box with Bed Liner Spray Finish

$329.00 USD
Type: Enclosure
Sound Dampend
Upgraded Terminal Cup

SoundSkins Global offers a Toyota Tacoma truck box designed for crew cab models from 2005+. This box features dual 10" round holes, sealed and sprayed for durability. Installation requires the removal of the rear storage and plastic. Each unit is constructed in the USA from high-grade, full 3/4" MDF, ensuring robust construction and exceptional sound quality.

SSK-P210STA1C Dimensions: Width: 48", Front Height: 18.25", Rear Height: 18", Bottom Depth: 7.5", Top Depth: 2", Depth: 7.5", Mounting Depth: 5", Weight: 41.5 lbs, Air Space per Cubic Feet: 0.7.

Upgrade Option 1 - SoundSkins Pro Specs:
- Features a triple-layer construction of acoustic foam, foil, and rubber butyl for durability and superior performance.
- Effectively reduces resonance and back wave cancellation, crucial for achieving optimal sound quality in any enclosure.

Upgrade Option 2 - Steve Meade Designs - SMD TCR-1 Speaker Terminal Cup Specs:
- Supports up to 2000 Watts, significantly higher than the standard 500 Watts.
- Designed to endure demanding conditions without breaking or leaking.
- Constructed from lightweight, high-strength materials for durability.
- Includes stainless steel hardware to resist rust and corrosion.
- Features a 5/16" bolt terminal for secure connections.
- Cut-out diameter: 2.75 inches.
- Flange diameter: 3.75 inches.

All SoundSkins Global Enclosures are custom-made. Enclosure orders cannot be cancelled or modified once placed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.*