New Product Release

For the first time in years, we are releasing all new sound and heat insulating materials into the market to help fit the needs of any sound or heat proofing project! Here’s a sneak peek at what we have in store.
SoundSkins Heat Shield
The SoundSkins Heat Shield is our first product made for use outside of your vehicle cabin! 
It is made up of rubber foam, fiberglass, and aluminum foil, and covers almost 54 square feet. The material is 0.39” thick – our thickest foam ever! 
This material is made to be placed under your car hood and/or firewall to block out heat and absorb sound in these areas resulting in a cooler, more comfortable ride.
SoundSkins Foam Tape
Seal your cabin shut with SoundSkins Foam Tape! 
Made with rubber foam and a high quality, pressure sensitive adhesive, this new product is the perfect way to create an air-tight seal in your cabin to keep out sound, weather, and heat! It’s extremely easy to cut to size, conforms to any shape, and fits into most tight spaces, so it’s a great way to decouple vibrations in any nooks and crannies. 
foam tape
SoundSkins Wavy Foam
SoundSkins Wavy foam is our best sound absorbing foam yet! This thick, wavy foam is perfect for absorbing airborne noise, giving your vehicle some “noise cancellation” treatment for the best audio output, or peace and quiet on the road. 
The foam is flexible and compressible, but still long lasting. It’s the perfect sound proofing upgrade to your build!
These products will be released in January 2023.