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Afterpay FAQ

Thanks for your interest in SoundSkins sound deadening products! We are pleased to offer Afterpay as a method of payment for our customers. It is a 100% interest-free service and is very easy to use. Continue reading for more information about Afterpay.

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a way to order products online without paying the entire amount upfront! We ship your order out to you as normal, but you get to pay it off in 4 bi-weekly, interest-free installments.

Do I pay more if I use Afterpay?

No! Afterpay allows you to make your payments interest-free and without any extra fees!

The only time you would have to pay a fee is if you miss a payment.

See Afterpay's Terms & Conditions for further information about late fees.

How many orders can I make at once?

You can have up to 3 active orders with Afterpay at any time.

Can I pay off my order sooner?

Yes! You can pay your order off as early as you like. Just log in to your Afterpay account, find your order and select "Pay Now."

How do I return an order placed through Afterpay?

Please check that your return meets our return policy here. If so, contact us and inform us that you would like to return your order. Keep in mind that you will have to pay for shipping costs to return your order to our warehouse.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Afterpay order, please contact us at Do not send returns to AfterPay.

  • Afterpay can be used to make purchases on orders up to $1000. A debit or credit card can be used for purchases under $500, any order over $500 must be on a credit card.
  • If you are a first-time customer using Afterpay, the first installment needs to be paid at the time of purchase.
  • Existing Afterpay customers (i.e. more than 6 weeks since your first purchase with Afterpay) only need to have funds available on the card at time of checkout, however the first payment won't be deducted for 14 days.
  • Payment will be automatically taken from your debit or credit card in four equal payments. Afterpay will send you reminders directly when payments will be deducted so there’s no surprises.
  • If you fail to make a payment you will be charged a late payment fee of $10 by Afterpay with a further $7 fee added 7 days later if the payment is still overdue.
  • No interest is charged.
  •  Select Afterpay at checkout

    Afterpay is fully integrated with our store’s checkout. All you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment option when you’re ready to buy.

  •  Choose how you want to pay your installments

    Afterpay splits your payments over four equal installments due every fortnight. Sign up for Afterpay (you'll be prompted to do this after you select Afterpay in the checkout) and nominate the debit card or credit card you want to use and Afterpay will schedule automatic payments for you.

  •  Get approved instantly and securely

    No long forms or detailed personal information. Afterpay simply uses your nominated bank card to process your application on the spot.

  •  Enjoy your purchase!

    We will ship your order immediately. Afterpay takes care of the rest. They will remind you when payments are due and will process your payments automatically. Next time you use Afterpay, they’ll have all your details saved and ready to go!


Click here for more information about Afterpay.