Full Coverage Pro Kit | DIY Sound Deadening and Speaker Enhancement

$968.00 USD

The SoundSkins Full Coverage Standard Kit is the BEST way to sound dampen and insulate your ENTIRE vehicle from floor to roof and enhance your audio system. 

    SoundSkins Pro Plus for Door Inner Skins, Floor, and Trunk

    SoundSkins Pro Plus Workshop Kit covers 64.5 square feet, which is enough to cover almost every section of your vehicle.

    SoundSkins Classic for Door Outer Skins & Roof

    Thin but effective, the SoundSkins Classic Bulk Kit is only 0.0787" thick to ensure that it gives the best sound dampening possible without adding too much weight to your car. 

    Speaker Rings for an Enhanced Audio System

    SoundSkins Foam Car Speaker Rings are designed to make car speaker installs perform to their full potential with loss-less sound.

    These rings will fit ALL size speakers, from 6x9" down to 1", all this in just the one kit. This Speaker Foam Rings Kit includes enough product to do 6 or more speakers!

    SoundSkins Heat Shield for Hood/Engine Bay Insulation

    The SoundSkins Heat Shield is our very first thermal acoustic insulation material designed for use OUTSIDE of your cabin!

    A versatile insulation material made of fiberglass aluminum foil and a thick layer of closed cell foam (almost 0.4”), this product has excellent thermal barrier and sound absorption properties. The special blend of fiberglass and aluminum foil helps to reflect radiant heat, while the thick closed cell foam absorbs sound and noise. It will block engine, exhaust, & summer heat, as well as absorb external engine, tire, road, and exhaust noise, making your ride more comfortable!


    Vehicle Interior: 103.25 sq ft (SoundSkins Pro Plus & Classic)

    Vehicle Hood/Engine Bay: 54 sq ft (SoundSkins Heat Shield)

    6 of more speakers


    83 lbs