SoundSkins Global | Pro Four Door Sound Deadening Kit | SSPRO-2 | 3 Layers (Acoustic Foam, Foil, Rubber Butyl), 22 sq ft

$218.00 USD

The SoundSkins Pro soundproof door kit is the best sound dampening material to cover all 4 doors of your vehicle, engineered to enhance your car stereo system and reduce unwanted road noise.

    PN: SSPRO-2
    UPC: 850039609565

    This SoundSkins Pro 4 door kit covers 22 sq ft, which is enough to cover four doors in a standard sized vehicle. This bundle comes with 2 rolls of our best-selling SoundSkins Pro.

    SoundSkins Pro is composed of 3 layers for easy application and optimal performance: acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl. This combination allows you to cover any metal panel in your car which will work to reduce vibrations, help with loss of sound from speakers and improve heat rejection.

    The SoundSkins Pro material comes in a large single sheet. This makes it extremely easy to apply and cut to fit any application.

    The bottom layer, which is the rubber butyl, has a very strong adhesive level. This means it will never peel off once it has been applied correctly. The top layer, which is the foam and butyl rubber are waterproof and heat proof. This product is manufactured to stand the test of time.


    Chevy Camaro Template Kit Includes

    9x Pre-Cut Pieces Total


    4x Door Inner Skin and Door Panel Pieces
    4x Cabin Floor Skins
    1x Back Floor Skin


    Watch it in action