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Pre ORDER Sound Deadening Kits for YOUR Harley Davidson Motorcycle Touring Bike!

  • Designed and Developed in the USA
  • Easy to Install

  • Kits available for saddlebags, speaker lids, fairings, and fairing speaker pods

  • Biker Approved

    Kits available for ALL Harley Davidson touring bikes!

"Well made !! Like how they combine anti rattle material with soft outer material so you get the best of both worlds. No rattle and warm acoustical environment"

-Stephen G.

How We Compare To Similar Products


  • 3-in-1 layer to drive your cost down and

    improve performance.

  • Strong Adhesive and waterproof, built

    to withstand the hardships of the road.

  • Best value on the market, satisfaction 

    guaranteed and phenomenal customer

    service via chat, email & phone.

  • Pre-measured and pre-cut for your Harley's

    saddlebags, taking all of the hard work out 

    of your DIY sound deadener installation.


  • 2-in-1 layer, you must buy multiple products

    always driving cost up. 

  • Known to peel off doors with ease, rarely ever

    waterproof and needs to be replaced frequently.

  • Overpriced, typically with little or no customer 

    service, returns are usually a hassle if even 

    possible at all.

  • Product comes in a roll. You must painstakingly 

    take the mat and measure and cut it yourself, 

    and if you are not experienced, you might measure

    it incorrectly, wasting expensive material.

Your Harley already looks smooth. Now, let's make it sound smooth!

Our pre-cut sound dampening kits are designed to dramatically lower your bike's resonant characteristics, making them much better speaker enclosures and reducing unwanted noise and vibration.

Over 20 kits available for ALL Harley Davidson touring motorcycles!

Key Features

SoundSkins Innovative Technology For Improving Your Ride

Strong backing, built to last

Our strong adhesive and waterproof material ensures our product keeps going long after your car

3-in-1 layer technology

Cut costs and enhance performance with our 3 layer technology. 

Compatible with Your Harley

Our thin but durable products are compatible with any Road Glide, Street Glide, Electra Glide, and Road King models 2014+

Why Choose SoundSkins?

SoundSkins Pro is a combination of 3 layers, acoustic foam, foil & rubber butyl (the black sticky stuff). This custom blend of materials allows you to layer any panels in your vehicle to reduce vibrations and to make your saddlebags a better speaker enclosure to enhance your bike's audio system. 

The rubber butyl has a high adhesive level meaning it will never never fall off once applied correctly. The foam and butyl are both waterproof and heat proof designed to stand the test of time.

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Saddlebag Kits

harley davidson road glide model soundskins sound deadening saddlebag kit by american hard bag

Saddlebag Speaker Lid Kits

harley davidson road king soundskins saddlebag sound deadening kit by american hard bag

Fairing Kits

harley davidson street glide soundskins saddlebag sound deadening kit by american hard bag

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