Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Vehicle Specific Kit ( Release Date January 2023)
Looking for aftermarket Tesla Model 3 noise reduction accessories? The SoundSkins Pro Tesla Model 3 Template Kit is the newest upcoming vehicle specific sound dampening kit from SoundSkins Global, the leader in vehicle sound insulation products.
If you can’t stand the road and tire noise in your Model 3, this custom cut sound deadening kit for the Tesla Model 3 is the solution to your problem.  It works to make your car quieter, shown to quiet noise by 6 decibels when on the road!
Because Teslas have no engine or exhaust, and minimal factory sound dampening, you can clearly hear all of the road and tire noise coming from the pavement, tires, electric motors, brakes, etc. A lot of the road noise leaks into the trunk space because it does not have much acoustic insulation. The top of the trunk is just bare metal, so sound goes right through it and reverberates through the cabin. Sound from the road and tires also flows in from the outside of the car through the floors of the Tesla, which is also mainly bare metal.
The SoundSkins Pro Tesla Model 3 Template Kit solves this problem because it covers the bare metal in the trunk and floors of the Tesla, dampening and absorbing sounds and vibrations and getting rid of any resonance caused by the metal panels. With thermal acoustic panels that cover the floors, trunk, and wheel wells of the Model 3, this kit eliminates any resonance from the metal panels, absorbs and dampens outside sound, lowers vibrations, and even provides a layer of insulation for a quieter and more comfortable ride. As an added bonus, the reduction in excess noise will result in an improved audio system output, so your music will sound crystal clear while you’re on the road.
The SoundSkins kit comes pre-cut in rectangular sheets. The pieces simply need to be scored around the edges and pulled out, then they are ready to be applied immediately. Even the excess material on the edges can be used; you can place them in cupholders, on glove compartments, and any other rattling or vibrating surface for free bonus sound insulation and reduced waste!
SoundSkins offers FREE ground shipping across the contiguous United States, as well as affordable options for upgraded 2-day shipping. All of their products come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. 
Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 today with the SoundSkins Pro Tesla Model 3 Template Kit, the ultimate way to reduce sound and improve your audio system. This kit will be released by January 2023, be sure to get on this list to be notified when the kit is released!